Thursday, 23 November 2017


                                      The Kite Wind blows from China
                                      sweeps the surface of the river
                                      with shards of broken light
                                      and make it quiver.

                                      The river has eaten three quarters
                                      of the land we think we own
                                      and though our claim is clearly conventional,
                                      and what the river did is unintentional,
                                      the family do need somewhere as a home.

                                      Toyota’s trucks have brought us
                                      a heap of concrete posts,
                                      one hundred and ninety five
                                      each thirty foot in length,
                                      to test our will against the river’s strength.

                                      The Chinese wind’s invasion
                                      brings the Cold Season back once more.
                                      To mark this auspicious occasion,
                                      the thermometer shows ninety-four.